Insomniac Events

This is a name we all hold near and dear to our hearts. We all know and love Insomniac, founded and created by the brilliant Pasquale Rotella, for keeping us headliners wide awake since '93. Although EDC is the mothership of fests created by Insomniac, it is not the only fest curated by the brand; Nocturnal Wonderland, Escape, Electric Forest and SO many more are included on their brilliant roster. Not to mention they also put on smaller scale shows across the globe.


HARD Presents

Founded in 2007 by Gary Richards, also known as DJ and producer Destructo, HARD is one of the most known event production companies in the country, for putting on massive events such as HARD Summer, HARD Day Of The Dead and Holy Ship!. One thing HARD does that no other company does is creating the most amazing event trailers that feature the DJs on the lineup doing some goofy stuff, and the videos always have some sort of wacky theme to them.


React Presents

2008 was the year that Chicago set a new standard by absolutely dominating when it comes to curating and promoting dance events in the Midwest. As a subdivision of SFX Entertainment, React Presents' event roster consists Spring Awakening, Summer Set, Freaky Deaky, Reaction NYE and more multi-genre electronic events that are nothing short of stellar.


Disco Donnie Presents

Now we're talking about the OG, or in this case, OR, Original Raver. It all goes back to the year 1994, where veteran promoter and staple rave icon James "Disco" Donnie Estopinal partnered up with SFX Entertainment to create a new vision for the world of electronic dance music event production. 5,000 all-star events that have traveled even outside of the U.S. later, the rest is history. DDP is also responsible for putting on Life In Color, Sun City Music Festival and other small, local events headlined by artists like Borgore, Dr. Fresch, 3lau. GTA and more.


Desert Hearts

"A tribute to House, Techno and Love." Desert Hearts is a movement that all got started in a little desert, and their main purpose, similar to Burning Man's, is to just love and enjoy life, and music. The people of the Desert Hearts community are beautiful, free-spirited souls that you will never not see having a smile on their face and love in their hearts. Anytime the Desert Hearts crew takes over, it feels like you're reuniting with family, making for one big funky, groovy and care-free dance party that sends your soul on a journey, which can be experienced at the Desert Hearts festivals that the company puts on.


BangOn! NYC

Originating in NYC back in 2007, BangOn! NYC is one of the few companies out there that genuinely cares about making the festival a spiritual journey and experience as well. There is so much genuine love and effort put into every little detail at BangOn! events, whether it comes to the aesthetic of the event or the lineup. Look at this year's Elements Festival for example, which was a prime example of how BangOn! continuously surprises us and sets a new standards for what festivals should be.


The Do LaB

The Do LaB is the home to both emerging and big-name electronic talent, and they really know how to put on a show like no other. The combination of their colorful, intricately designed structures and the talent they book is proven to be both stimulating to the eyes and ears, and the West Coast is really blessed for getting DoLaB events like Woogie Weekend and Lightning In A Bottle.



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